Strategic Tax Planning

A break with tradition. Strategic Tax Planning is not the traditional tax planning you so often hear or read about at years’ end. It is not about shoveling more money to charity or burning through your hard earned money on huge items in order to gain a tax write off.

Tax Planning Benefits

  • Customized tax plan for you, your family, and your business – no two tax plans are the same
  • Aggressive and liberal goal setting according to your desires
  • Enhanced tax deductions – from various income sources
  • Wealth building via a tax savvy approach
  • Lower tax bill to facilitate business growth, college education, refinance property, etc

We’ve developed a unique online tool that sets you on the right path for your Strategic Tax Planning. It’s called the Virtual Tax Strategy Consultation. See below to get started.

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COHESIVE’s Strategic Tax Planning is very different. We use a comprehensive four point approach to your strategic tax planning.

1. A Strategic Tax Plan consists of a customized tax strategy built entirely around your particular goals and objectives. This plan is all about you, the valued customer. The first areas that we address and explore are your desires, needs, and goals. It doesn’t matter if it is home or business. No two tax plans are the same. Your plans may include starting a new business, funding your child’s college education or keeping your income high enough to refinance property. Whatever your requirements or aspirations COHESIVE listens to you.
2. Our second step is analyzing our knowledge of you and building a firm foundational plan. We study your income sources to determine new directions and methods to shift your income and facilitate the best tax position possible. If you are in business COHESIVE will ensure that your assets are arranged in the most tax savvy vehicle possible to generate the lowest tax bill. We balance your objectives with paying the lowest possible taxes.
3. Our third step ensures that you receive every tax deduction you are entitled to under the U.S. Tax Code. At COHESIVE, we know the tax code. Our professionals are Licensed Enrolled Agents who have passed testing, demonstrating a high level of knowledge of the U.S. Tax Code. We are licensed to represent clients in all 50 states through your state’s revenue department and with the Federal IRS. This expertise is the reason you will not miss a single critical tax deduction.
4. COHESIVE helps you build wealth using a tax savvy approach. Many investments that can help you increase your wealth and meet your financial goals have excellent tax advantages. COHESIVE will expand your knowledge well beyond your current grasp. We will teach you what the rich know — using tax code to invest in yourself.

Strategic Tax Planning- Ensure Your Peace of Mind

Taxes area big expense and are bound to have priority demands in any organization’s cash flow. This is why it is important to plan for them. Our Tax Planning Services give you access the newest tax mitigation strategies while our Tax Specialists give you the best advice to ensure that you keep up with the continuously changing legislation.

There are plenty of benefits to strategic tax planning, and at Cohesive Tax we make sure that you get to enjoy the maximum benefits and reliefs available through it.

The first step is to take our Virtual Tax Strategy Consultation survey. This virtual consultation is designed to start you on a path to a successful tax strategy. Get Started