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COHESIVE Tax Professionals Know The Tax Code.

We are Enrolled Agents licensed in all 50 states to prepare your federal and state income taxes. We have passed a rigorous tests administered by the U.S. Treasury department and are authorized to operate across America under one license. We are the professionals.

The COHESIVE Tax Team has over 60 years of combined tax experience. Our backgrounds include former IRS experience; advanced degrees in taxation, and graduates from the national Tax Practice Institute were we have trained with the finest tax professionals in the world.

As a full service Tax Preparation Firm, We at Cohesive Tax strive to take care of the minutest details about your accounts. Our Tax experts and advisors apply their expertise in the most ethical, realistic and precise manner to create powerful tax solutions for you.
Our clients are our number 1 priority and that is what sets us apart from other Tax Preparation Companies.

Our Tax Professionals are aggressive. We will make sure you get every deduction under the tax code.

We Ensure:

  • Obtain the most back from what you pay in
  • Protect your assets and profits
  • Insure you are in compliance with the myriad of regulations
  • Create an airtight lock against any problems

We Handle:

  • Corporations
  • LLC
  • Fiduciary Returns
  • Individual / Joint Filings
  • Out of State Returns

We Deliver:

  • Accuracy
  • Timeliness
  • Peace of Mind
  • Read more about our key components below…

When the COHESIVE prepares your return we cover these key components:


We ensure our tax returns are accurately prepared. We take the necessary time to do the research to handle your unique situation the correct way. We stand by our work.


Our tax returns are prepared in timely fashion. When are engaged by a client to do their tax work, we make certain we deliver on time and stay in constant communication with you from engagement to delivery.

Peace of Mind

In preparing your return we always want to ensure we can define your tax position. Many times customers will ask to take a deduction we know will not hold up against the IRS. It is our fiduciary duty to make sure we help you to make a decision you can leave with today and three years from now.

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Telephone: (800) 878-4051

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Need to Contact Somebody Specific?

We receive a great amount of email communication. Our goal is to make sure your emails are answered the same day. To make sure you get to the right person, below is a list of services our team handles directly. Please route your email to the correct person so that you can get an immediate answer.

Customer Service:

Teresa is our Office Manager and she handles Customer Service for our clients.

Noemy and Naudia handle client updates, status, questions and concerns.


Alyssa handles all client appointment scheduling and changes.


Patty handles any questions regarding bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services.


Sheri is our production manager and sees to it that all tax returns and other work are scheduled to be worked on and completed on time with accuracy.

Ken is our senior Enrolled Agent, he handles all tax work including Tax Preparation, Strategic Tax Planning, IRS Representation.

Marco and Dan are Enrolled Agents, and handles all work including Tax Preparation, Strategic Tax Planning, IRS Representation.

Fees, Billing or Payment Questions:

Nancy handles all billing and payment questions.

New Clients / Additional Services:

Shawna is the go-to person for questions about our services. If you are in need of additional services or are inquiring about our services, Shawna will be more than happy to let you know how you can benefit from Cohesive Services. She handles everything from tax quotes, entity set ups to getting you the right tax plan.

Insurance or Investment Services:

Kenny runs our Wealth Solutions division. If you need to protect your income, get life insurance, build and sustain your wealth, then you need a conversation with Kenny Dennis

Karla’s Executive Assistant:

Vanessa handles Karla’s speaking calendar, appointment calendar, joint ventures, marketing and anything else as it pertains to Karla.