When I showed Karla the video from our wedding, she was so excited. She jumped out her seat and said: “This is a tax write-off!” I planned this whole wedding, looked at all the money I spent and if it wasn’t for having the conversation with Karla I wouldn’t have know what I could write-off.

I think everybody out there needs to see, that having that conversation with your tax professional can really help your assets and save you money.

Lindsay Villarreal, Label Me Lindsay

As busy physicians in today’s world, it is paramount that we make use of the most experienced, dedicated tax advisors out there. I’ve utilized the services of COHESIVE for some time now and I can definitively say that Karla and her team are knowledgeable, thorough, and go above and beyond in providing comprehensive tax services. They are an essential component to your financial future.

-Mark MacVay, M.D. -CA

We got our federal tax refund check via mail last week and it’s a beautiful thing.  I want to thank you and your team for taking good care of our tax planning & processing needs, a very professional and timely service, it was worth every penny we spent.  I look forward to working with you more, as we build our business relationship and would not hesitate to refer COHESIVE™ to my friends.

-Smriti Gurung – CA

Anyway, thanks for Your help again, I’m telling You this is really the first time for us when I really enjoyed tax preparation !!

-Laszlo – NY

I so enjoyed our appointment with you. We are very excited to map out a financial plan with you. Your character and integrity were so evident. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable.

-Dennis Stevenson – CA

It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person. Your staff is terrific and we wish you all the best this tax season. I know our tax bill is smaller because of Go Zone. It was a pleasure flying out to L.A. to see you and I look forward to doing it again next year! You’re awesome! Thanks!

-Janetlee & John – NY

Highest Recommendation! My Wife and I had been working with the same tax professional for over 20 years. When we started investing in Real Estate we quickly realized that while our our tax professional was very good at tax preparation prior to our RE investing , he was clearly not an expert in all of tax laws and intracacies that go into Real Estate Investment. Just as we all probably have a great Family Doctor, if we needed specialized eye care, we would be referred to an opthamologist – a specialist in the field. Likewise, Karla Dennis and the staff members at COHESIVE™ are tax preparation specialists for Individuals, Real Estate Investors, C-Corp, S-Corp and LLC’s. Karla also provides semi-annual & quarterly tax check-ups during the tax year. Karla can easily verify whether your tax preparation is on course, or recommend any fine tuning prior to the end of the tax year to maximize your tax return. I just recently had my quarterly meeting with Karla. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would be so excited to have an appointment with my tax professional. But consider, that through careful planning and rigidly following the letter of the tax law, Karla will literally save us tens of thousands of dollars in taxes this year. Karla has been a tremendous help to my family in realizing the importance of pro-active tax planning. I give Karla Dennis and the staff members at COHESIVE™ the highest possible recommendation as your tax professional.

-David Tombs, Phd -CA

Exceptional! COHESIVE™ is exceptional! They take the time to get to know you as an individual business. They tailor our taxes to serve our short term and long term goals. They lengthen the runway for a smoother take off providing us with the ability to adjust and make changes ahead of time. They are proactive with our accounting department and our partners. This is critical when controlling over 40 companies and over 60 investment properties all over the country.

-Jeffrey Slayter & Jeremy Gamero – CA

Karla Dennis is a consummate professional. Her tax planning strategies have made a huge impact on our tax picture. Karla strives to establish a year round relationship with her clients, not just at tax time. Her follow through and attention to detail are unmatched. I have, and will continue to highly recommend her services.

-Peirre LaPres – NV

There is no one I trust more than Karla Dennis and her company, COHESIVE™, when it comes to our taxes! She understands our goals, future plans, current status, and incorporates our real estate investing strategies to benefit our future retirement! If she says we need to do something, we have learned to take her advice without question! My husband and I are blessed to have found her, and recommend her whole heartedly.

-Vicky Frontiere – NV

The staff of COHESIVE™ has a level of professionalism like no other. They are very responsive to my needs and excellent with follow up service. I am a busy professional and I often time over look certain deadlines. The COHESIVE™ staff never lets me miss tax filing obligations. They also make sure I have a tax plan every year that is revised through out the year so that I know where I am financially. Because I am a real estate investor, having a professional tax firm who knows real estate investing on my team is a must. I recommend COHESIVE™ Tax Service to anyone who is looking for knowledgeable tax professionals who thoroughly understand real estate tax and business taxation.

-Terry January – CA

Only one word to describe the Cohesive company… AMAZING! They know their stuff and have helped in so many ways.

-Tony – UT